My career consists of valuable experience in the church as a minister and as a psychologist in a private practice. I specialize in the following fields:

Depression and Anxiety

Accompany identification of strong qualities to overcome and manage situation.

Trauma processing

Evaluate the way of thinking about the trauma. Investigate with the client ways of cope and facilitate post traumatic growth. Then decide on actions.

Parent-child relationship

Parental guidance. Help parents understand that their words, actions, inner mood, facial expressions, presence, or absence can influence how uniquely, and dignified children can experience themselves. If parents do not deal with and regulate emotions appropriately, children’s ability to deal with and regulate emotions may not develop sufficiently.

Also do guidance with children.

Family therapy

Guide families to evaluate their problem-solving skills, communication and interactional patterns and how dysfunctional patterns affect their problem-solving and communication.

Marriage preparation and marriage enrichment

Various characteristics can profoundly influence a relationship such as e.g. anxiety and being emotionally stable.

In the sessions, the similarities and differences of the couple are compared with each other.

Guide them to appreciate the fact that they are different and to also appreciate the fact that there are many similarities.

Guide couples to embrace differences and to look beyond the differences and help each other reach their full potential. Inspire each other.

Marriage therapy

Four major areas are evaluated viz.;

Communication and conflict patterns and whether everyone feel emotionally secure in the relationship.

Is everyone’s roles and responsibilities clear to him / her! Do they know what they can expect from each other in a social environment?

The influence of family of origin on marriage and spouse.

The similarities and differences in personality, values, ​​and interests.

Divorce Guidance:

The following are handled:

Guide person to process the severe experience of trauma through separation, then overcome the hurt, anger, guilt, and others.

Single parent with primary care. Make flexible visitation arrangements for children with ex-spouse and family. Build financial resources. Build new social network.

Single parent with secondary care. Find ways to maintain effective parenting. How children can be guided in accepting the separation. Continue to financially support ex-spouse and children. Build your own social network.

If necessary, also accompany the former spouse in the above areas.

Reconstituted families The reconstituted family has unique problems. Life cycle differences and loyalty conflicts arise when they start functioning together and require a specific therapeutic approach that considers the complexity of the family form.