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Mr Malan has been a treasure to me over the past month. He is such a calm and understanding person that you can easily open up to about your challenges. He reminded me about my true identity in Christ and how to mentally overcome my challenges. Truly amazing experience!

All in all a great experience. He has a gentle way of working. Gives practical ways to deal.

Emotionally I was at a place which was not good after an operation. From the word “go’ I was guided to understand the reason why, by Izak. Truly amazing experience!!

Izak Malan was such a wonderful person whom I could share all the things I’ve been wanting to talk through for most of my life. He was always so practical in providing guidance in how to handle issues I was and are still going through, it feels like a heavy burden have been lifted and I’m in a better position to face my challenges.Thank you so much it really helped me a lot

Izak is a kind and understanding person you can easily open up and talk to. Izak also explain and direct in such a way that it is easy and understandable to follow and accomplish tasks to better yourself.

I was experiencing personal problems and problems in my marriage, which made me search on the internet for an experience psychologist, and preferably a Christian psychologist.
I found Izak on the internet and decided to give it a try.
Eventually both me and my wife went for several sessions which have been extremely helpful.
Izak really made me realise and helped me to see the bigger picture as I was staring at a few minor problems.
I had allowed the little problems to become insurmountable obstacles, and I had lost focus and allowed myself to become depressed.
During the sessions with Izak I had to do a lot of soul searching and we had to complete a number of questionnaires which helped to pinpoint the real issues that needed to be dealt with.
At the moment I am doing well, I am positive, and my wife and I learned to communicate more effectively and openly.
I can honestly say that our marriage at the moment is healthy and happy.
I am very thankful to Izak for the help and professional counsel, he has been a great help.
Without reservation I will recommend Izak to anyone who is experiencing emotional or personal problems.

A few weeks ago, I started Christian counselling with Mr Malan. After my first session, I knew it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I would highly recommend his services as he comes from a warm, inviting, and non-judgmental perspective to help you throughout your spiritual journey.

It is a new and good experience that made me explore my own spiritual path with myself again. Over time we change, and our desires change to the point where you think hold on, am I even in the right place for the right reasons? Prepare yourself for a mindful journey.

A few weeks ago, I started Christian counselling with Mr Malan. After my first session, I knew it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I would highly recommend his services as he comes from a warm, inviting, and non-judgmental perspective to help you throughout your spiritual journey.

When I first got into contact with Dr Izak I prayed for someone both spiritual and professional and I definitely got more than I asked for because we serve a God who comes through in every detail. Conversation feels like talking to a mentor and friend but still like you’re receiving sound biblical professional assistance. I would highly recommend his services.

“Sometimes life knocks you over and you need somebody to help you roll over and look at the stars. Izak has the temperament and ability to help you in these situations as he is getting his wisdom and strength from the Man who walked on water. Independent, objective and life changing counselling.”

“I can highly recommend the professional assistance of Mr Izak Malan. He assisted me through a particular difficult stage in my life when I was suffering from burnout and depression. He guided me through great skill, patience and compassion. He helped me to identify unhealthy beliefs I had of myself which has helped me to gain more trust in my own abilities. I also learned better skills to engage with the world around me. All these has motivated me to start living my life to the fullest. His passion and dedication to people’s wellbeing shines through in his work.”

“Dr Izak has a soft approach with children that encourages trust, and he has the best interest at heart. Izak, I would like to thank you for your assistance with my son and our family. Your interaction with our son is amazing and the way you relate to him. You move down to his level and meet him there. My son has great respect for you. And in a short time we have had made major improvements. Sincerely; thank you for investing in us. Bless you.”

“Over the last couple of years, Izak has proven to be an invaluable influence in complex decision-making. He always applies a positive approach and a steady resolve, which can neutralize most areas of conflict. From effective relationship building to strategic business planning, he acts as a guide towards an attainable goal.”

” Mr. Malan helped me to understand my unique personality profile as well as identify my specific self-care needs. He also helped me challenge unproductive thought processes that stood in the way of a healthy, well-rounded life.”

“I visited Izak for treatment. His treatment was good. I practiced what he told me to do. It helped me a lot. He could identify with my situation. I recommend anyone to him for treatment.”

“Izak helped me in his calm, rational and caring manner in 2004 when I had postnatal depression. He helped me to believe in myself again. I went for his assistance again in later years, because sometimes the balls we have to keep in the air at one time, just get too much to handle. Izak treated me with patience, compassion, and dignity every time I seek his professional assistance. He also taught me coping skills. I recommend Izak with an open heart to anyone who seeks assistance.”

Thank you Izak for your gentle and kind way of working with people. It is easy to talk with you and I appreciate your guidance in how to deal with my problems on a daily basis.

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