Depression and marriage counsellor
Christian Psychologist
Izak Malan
MPsych BA-Hons


Are you facing a challenge at work, in your marriage or with your children? Is your only way out blocked by a mountain of debt? Are you anxious and do depression get you down in everyday life? If you have asked any of these questions lately, then it is time to talk to someone about them. It is possible to experience life as beautiful.


My specialty is relationships and their influence on every aspect of human interaction. Therefore, the counselling is with individuals, couples and families.

For instance, it is my goal to show you how to embrace your life and to help you find hope and fulfil your God given destiny. In other words, let me guide you through this interesting process of renewal, resilience, and self-discovery. We will discuss conflict resolution strategies and how to explore different, effective communication styles.


Throughout the years the experience I have gained taught me that in every situation a solution can be forth coming. Dedication and resilience are needed but sometimes you just need that helping hand to help you on the way out. Another perspective and valuable objective input can just be the small change you need to steer you in the right direction. A professional viewpoint will help you to have restored purpose and vision. Seeing new things about you and your situation you might have never been aware off.


In conclusion, whatever obstacle you are facing, even depression, rest assured that God already knows your situation. He loves you and has a plan for you.


Take control of your situation. Make an appointment with me today. Let us walk together and discuss your specific challenges and how to experience significance and meaning again.

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Mr Izak Malan